The Centre for Technical Vocational Education, Training & Research



The Centre for Technical Vocational Education, Training & Research

The Centre for Technical Vocational Education, Training & Research (CETVETAR) is based in two Departments of University of Nigeria, Nsukka namely Departments of Vocational Teacher Education and Fine and Applied Arts. Fine and Applied Arts Department was…

Provide leadership in TVET in Africa by research into innovative/best practices, systems development, quality assurance, networking, training and human capital re-engineering.

The Vision: To be a world class Centre of excellence for life-long human capital development through technical vocational education and training (TVET)

The Objectives Include

1. Conduct training/retraining programmes in different areas of TVET for youths, retirees, women, and disadvantaged groups for skill empowerment and poverty reduction.

2. Offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in various areas of TVET subjects

3. Provide consultancy services to local, national and international agencies on best practices in informal, non-formal and formal TVET

4. Carry out advocacy/sensitization programmes on different issues and leading the policy direction on life-long TVET for achieving EFA and MDG goals.

5. Develop programmes for small/medium scale enterprises for optimal performance, quality assurance and global focus.

6. Networking and disseminating information on TVET to policy makers, academics, private and public sectors.

7. Collaboration with other agencies, centres and organisation with similar objectives of human capital development, entrepreneurship, poverty reduction and skill empowerment.